These are the vinyl visions of Miss Plenty

To enjoy the galleries of vintage and retro cover art, simply choose one of the categories (above-right). The covers are all from my private collection with a majority of records from Germany and former East Germany (GDR).


Feature Album:
Die Große Teenager-Party - super dufte
The Big Teenager Party - super sweet (or super cool)
Circa 1960 (FASS WY 1445)

This album features songs by two bands, The Gus Brendel Group and The Crazy Horses with great song names (printed in English) such as Mood in Slop, Let's Slop again, The Slopping Husar and Take a shake.

On the back, after being instructed to put away mother's porcelain in preparation for the super sweet teenager party, the only thing missing is a thumping beat. The hippest dances are the Slop, Shake, Memphis and Hully Gully (I think the guy is doing the Hully Gully and the girl in the yellow pullover is doing the Slop). This record promises to be much cheaper than hiring a Beat-Band and more suitable than the radio (chances are a radio drama is running). No experimenting kids, this is the right record for the party.

This record was infact so successful that shortly after followed The Big Teenager Party 2, although Ray Gordon took over from the other bands.

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