Miss Plenty - about the vinyl visions collection

This collection started in 2000 and represents about 100 vintage records which have been purchased second hand purely on the aesthetic value of the cover art. The majority of the records are simply covers (interprets) of popular music, well known songs repackaged.

The majority of the records are German and a number of the covers are from the former East Germany (GDR) which had it's own record lables (ie. Amiga) to release local and foreign music and artists. The records are purchased from flea markets and second hand stores.

Some of these records are in almost every German household such as James Last while others can be found in every second hand store such as the Phase 4 records and the infamous Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass - Whipped Cream & Other Delights.

Who is Miss Plenty?

Miss Plenty is a single moment in time, captured on the front of a record sleeve, immortal, representing idealised visions of music and and era with the simple goal of awakening the record buyers interest.

Miss Plenty - who is behind vinyl vision?

Christopher Jones, I am a designer based in Sydney, Australia.
Here is my portfolio website: www.creativesenses.com.au
Here is my company website: www.signale.com
Here is my cycling website: www.bicycles.net.au

In addition to collecting records based purely on their aethetics, I also collect Jimi Hendrix (over 60 records) and other artists from this era.

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