Miss Penty's Links

Recommended Sites:

grafikdesign.de - Monthly Graphic Design Journal (E-Zine)
creativesenses - my online design portfolio
signale - design agency


Other sites with vintages and retro record cover art:

Dana Countryman - Unusual LP Cover Art
317x.com - Large Cover Art collection (list based)
Bad Covers - Categorised vintage and contemporary covers
Flickr: Retro Records - over 1,500 covers some good, some not
Bizarre Records - Cover Art with audio samples & youtube artist links
Diggler Records - Re-released vintage and retro music
Temporary Soundmuseum - Collection from a German DJ


East German (GDR) Music links

Amiga Discography - Amiga discography
Amiga / Sony BMG Website - All Amiga artists plus modern releases

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